About silk and product care


Luxury and unique ANOLI Design scarves are made from high-quality 100% Pongee silk. Pongee – silk fabric of plain weave.
I use 5mm density silk, it is slightly transparent, it is soft and drapes well. Natural, exceptionally high-quality Excelsior or pongee silk 
has an unpainted surface with pearl iridescences but can be easily painted in any colour. The fabric is strong, light, flowing and plastic. 
This is the thinnest type of silk fabrics for batik. It has a soft shine and it is very smooth. The edges of the silk scarf are hand-processed.


Products made of natural silk, painted in the batik technique, require careful hand washing.
Specifically, because the structure of silk is quite easy to break by rough treatment of it.


· Wash in warm water up to 30 degrees. Silk does not tolerate high temperatures.

· Wash simply with water or use special detergents for silk products.
Ordinary alkaline powder can spoil such a delicate product.

· Hand-wash or machine-wash only in silk mode.

· When handwashing, do not overly crumple or rub the silk product – you can spoil the fabric structure.

· Do not bleach – the fabric may turn yellow and quickly wear out.

· It is not advisable to use fabric softeners.

· Do not twist the wet cloth.

· Dry the silk product away from heating devices. In no case should it be dried on the battery!
And don’t let it dry in the sun. Over-dried silk is difficult to smooth. Also, do not keep the silk wet for a long time.

· It is enough to remove excess moisture with a towel, straighten, and iron an hour later.

· It is better to iron silk when slightly wet.

· Iron the silk from the inside out by setting the ‘Silk’ mode.

· Avoid contact with deodorants, perfumes, hair spray and other substances containing alcohol.
It is also best to avoid getting sweaty.

· Silk products can be dry-cleaned.

Pleasant tenderness of silk to you!

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