ANOLI Design - A brand with Estonian roots created in 2015, within which luxurious lifestyle scarves from silk are manufactured.

My name is Ilona and my alias is Anoli (my name the other way around). That is why the brand I created is called Anoli Design. I
have been an artist and designer for over ten years. In addition to being an artist, 
I am also a mother of two, a craftsman,a designer
and a manufacturer
of wedding accessories and design cookies. I discovered my interest in art and creation as a child, went to art
school and drew, drew and drew…
My life is art and art is my life!

„Once I had the idea to start dealing with what I am doing now. I deal with love, commitment and responsibility.
I put my warmth, thoughts, strength, knowledge of time and life into my work.“

My goal is to give people beauty and evoke positive emotions through my work, since the fashion industry today is focused on
mass consumption, and not on highlighting the singularity of each person. 
My creations are practical, hand-painted silk scarves
that distinguish
a person from the grey mass. 
With unique Anoli Design products, you will experience wonderful emotions and the
gentle caress of natural materials. 
A heart-warming smile, a cheerful or passionate kiss – these priceless moments are waiting for
you when you surprise 
your sweetest and dearest with an ANOLI Design gift.

Luxury and unique scarves are made from high-quality 100% Ponge silk. The edges of the silk scarf are hand-processed. Each scarf is
hand-painted, so it may differ slightly from the photo and from each other. 
Each work is unique!

My other projects: – designer and manufacturer – designer and manufacturer