- 150x40 cm


ANOLI Design handmade silk scarves are made by Anoli – the Estonian craftsman, using 100% silk. ANOLI Design scarves are an outstanding and unique gift for those who want to stand out from the gray mass! Our designs are characterized by a unique symbiosis of a beautiful and modern lifestyle. ANOLI Design products are like a sensual embodiment of lightness, beauty and ultimate comfort, with which you enjoy timeless luxury intertwined with the best emotions and unique memories.

The world is oversaturated with short-lived products whose sole purpose is to satisfy small temptations that pass immediately. To balance this, we want to offer ineffaceable moments with our creations that will be remembered as extraordinary and wonderful. Choose a silk scarf that best describes your nature and don’t forget your friends and loved ones!


The product is packaged in a beautiful classic gift box, which is convenient to give immediately as a present, and which can also be used to store a silk scarf.
Yellow & Blue Hand Painted Silk Scarf Yellow & Blue Hand Painted Silk Scarf

Yellow & Blue Hand Painted Silk Scarf

Hand Painted Silk Scarf.Scarf in silk with hand-rolled edges (100% silk).Made in EstoniaDesigne..


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